Recipe for Cilantro Chutney


	Qty	Type	Item	
	---	-----	--------------------------------------------------------
	1/2	Cup	Fresh Chopped Cilantro leaves
	1/2	Cup	Fresh Grated Coconut or dried is OK
	1/2	tsp.	Fresh Grated Ginger
	1/2	tsp.	Whole Cumin seeds
	1	tsp.	Fresh Lime juice
			Water - just enough to mix together


Wash cilantro leaves thoughly, then chop cilantro removing thick stems. Add cilantro, coconut, grated ginger, cumin seeds, lime juice, and salt into blender. Blend together at high speed until it is thoughly mix together (it should be like a fine paste). You may need to add a small amount of water. This chutney can be eaten as a appetizer with other foods.


Balances all three doshas. Cilantro has a cooling properties, it reduces the Pitta dosha. Both ginger and cumin stimulate and aid in digestion.

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