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	2	Cup	Fresh Greens (about 1 cup per Person)
	2	tsp.	Ghee (clarifed butter)
	1	tsp.	Raw Sugar
	1/2	tsp.	Whole Cumin Seeds
	1	tsp.	Whole Corriander Seeds
	1/2	tsp.	Turmeric Powder
	1-2	Tbs.	Ghee


Rinse the greens thoughly then slice them into 1 inch squares, remove all stems if you want to make extra smooth you can put into blender. Place either a wok or sauce pan on medium high heat, then add the ghee, when it's hot add the spices and stir for few seconds. Next add the greens stiring constantly until soft and well cooked but not soggy.


Greens are bitter which normally reduces Pitta (fire), however greens are unique in that their effect during digestion is heating. Therefore we add some sugar and corriander seeds to cool things down a bit and make this dish more Tridoshic(balancing for everyone). After digestion in the G.I. tract greens have Pungent Vipak which means they causes a reducing of tissue mass in the body, again the addition of sugar and corriander in this recipe helps offset some of the strong effects of greens. However most people shouldn't eat greens more then a couple times a week, otherwise these above mentioned effects of greens can become too imbalancing (on doshas & dhatus).

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