A Recipe for Kicharee


	Qty	Type	Item	
	---	-----	----------------------------
	1	Cups	Split Mung dal  (yellow)
	2	Cups	White Basmati rice
	1	inch	Fresh ginger root
	1	small	handful of cilantro leaves
	2	TBS.	Ghee (clarified butter)
	1/2	tsp.	Turmeric
	1/2	tsp.	Coriander powder
	1/2	tsp.	Cumin powder
	1/2	tsp.	Whole cumin seeds
	1/2	tsp.	Mustard seeds
	1/2	tsp.	Salt (rock salt is best)
	1	pinch	Hing (also called Asafoetida)
	5-7	cups	Water (amount of water depends upon climate)

*Note: Can use Bragg’s Amino Acid for extra flavor after cooking is completed.
Also can be used as a replacement for salt.


Wash dal and rice together until water runs clear. Heat a large sauce pan on medium heat then add ghee (clarified butter), next mustard seeds, tumeric, hing, whole cumin seeds, cumin powder, and coriander powder. Stir all together for a few minutes. Then add rice, dal and stir again. Now add the water, salt and bring to a boil. Cook for 10 minutes. Next turn heat down to low, cover, and continue cooking until both dal and rice becomes soft. The cilantro leaves can be added before serving.


Tridosha balancing, and useful for detoxifying, very easy to digest.
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