Qty	Type	Item	
	---	-----	--------------------------------------------------
	1	Cup	White Basmati Rice
	2	Cups	Water
	1	TBS.	Urad Dal or Mung dal
	1/2	tsp.	Mustard Seeds
	1/2	tsp.	Tumeric Powder
	2	TBS.	Ground Coconut
	Pinch	Hing
	1	tsp.	Whole Cumin seeds
	1	tsp.	Fresh Lime juice (or more to taste)
	2	TBS.	Ghee
	1	tsp.	Salt


Cooking rice and dal with water for 10 to 12 minutes. Saute spices (except for salt) in melted ghee. Then mix rice and sautéed spice mix together (along with lime juice). Add salt. Before serving you can add cilantro and grated coconut to make the dish more colorful.


Balances all three doshas. Both ginger and cumin stimulate and aid in digestion.

Last Updated on: April 6, 1996.