Qty	Type	Item	
	---	-----	--------------------------------------------------
	1	Cup	Fresh Zucchini
	1	Cup	Fresh Asparagus
	1/4	Cup	Red & Yellow Bell Pepper
	1	tsp.	Fresh Ground Cumin seed Powder
	1	tsp.	Fresh Ground Corrinder seed Powder
	1	tsp.	Whole Cumin seeds
	1	tsp.	Mustard Seeds
	Pinch	Hing
	1-2	TBS.	Ghee
	1	tsp.	Salt


Melt ghee in medium sause pan then add spices except for salt and saute. Add vegetables and cook on medium heat, stir often to prevent burning of veggies. When veggies are soft and well cooked, then add-in salt and garnish with cilantro before serving.


Balances all three doshas. Is easy to digest and you can try different vegetables for variety.

Last Updated on: April 6, 1996.